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HOW TO Web Marketing For Marketing Agencies

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What is website marketing? Website marketing is the analysis of user interaction with a website, and implementation of changes to improve that interaction. For many digital businesses, website marketing is the key to success. Website marketing is not trying to sell people your website - it’s trying to prime your website to sell to people. Websites are the storefront of the internet, because digital businesses don’t have space for people to walk around in and to try things on.

Website marketing has a four part definition if you want to gain a holistic understanding of it. First, website marketing is the continual analysis of how users interact with and use a website. The second part of website marketing is the tracking aspect. Website marketing is also heavily involved with your website design. Once you’ve gotten a good understanding of who your users are and how they’re engaging with you, you need to be able to design for that audience. Finally, website marketing involves the actual marketing efforts that are on your website. If you’re making YouTube videos, you might want to have the embedded on your website somewhere (like I do.)

Once you know what it is, can you tell me: what is website marketing meant to do? What is the purpose of website marketing? Once you know the answer to that question, most of the strategy becomes obvious. The answer, if you can’t think of it, is that website marketing is meant to make your website as effective as possible at interacting with your core audience.

When it comes to tips for website marketing, I want you to return to the question: what is website marketing? You know what website marketing is now, so you have a good idea of what you need to be doing. The trick is going through these steps the right way to have the biggest effect on your business. My first tip is to go into website marketing with a plan, and more specifically a wireframe. Then, figure out which analytics are the key to your website, and where you need some improvement. Finally, split test your site to be constantly trying new ideas for improving your website.

“What is website marketing doing for my business?” is a question that you’re going to have popping up from clients often. The simple answer is that website marketing is going to make sure that their website works. Website marketing will drive traffic through search engine results, and make sure that traffic converts by building trust and creating landing pages.

That should answer “what is website marketing” for you and what is “what is website marketing doing for me” for your clients. Once you know those answers, once you’ve implemented a few of my website marketing tips, you should be able to create websites that will function from a marketing perspective. Website marketing is cleaning up your digital storefront - you really only need to know how to pick up the broom.

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