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How To Insert Affiliate Links Automatically To Keywords In WordPress Blog

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In this video, we will see how to insert or Add affiliate links automatically in WordPress post with keywords. Means we just have to specify a keyword and where ever that keyword appears, the plugin will replace the keyword with affiliate links.
You do not have to add affiliate links manually in any of the WordPress posts. Just add the keyword and affiliate links and all keyword will be replaced by affiliate links.

The auto-affiliate link is the WordPress plugin that you need for this task. They have a pro version as well. In the pro version, you can use API of various ad networks like ClickBank and ShareASale to automatically add affiliate links in your blog.

What you get by activating PRO features:
Links will be added automatically based on your content.
Amazon Links are automatically extracted and inserted in the content.
ClickBank Links are automatically extracted and inserted.
Shareasale links can be uploaded and displayed in your content.
eBay auctions can be automatically linked based on your content.
Walmart links can be automatically extracted and displayed.
Commission Junction product data feeds can be uploaded and automatically displayed.
Shareasale links will be automatically shown
Envato Marketplace automatic links.

Auto Affiliate Link Plugin Pro:

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