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How to do Spoto Press | The Basics |

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The Spoto Press is an awesome variation to build control in the bench press, but to also strengthen the sticking spot of 2" off the chest.

All the basics from a bench press still apply to the spoto press: Ample Leg Drive, Packed Shoulder Blades, Full Body Tension. Those are some of the pre-requisites to this movement. You could still do a feet-up spoto, but you would still want shoulder blades down and back with an arced bar path.

Perform that bench press and pause 1-2" off the chest. Then return to the starting position.

Sometimes having a pad on the bar can help create rep consistency because you stop when the bar reaches your chest at the same spot each time.

The spoto press is NOT a partial range of motion bench press. Don't use this as an excuse to move 3-4 inches in a bench press. Move full range of motion MINUS 1-2 inches.

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