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How to Add Bates Stamp on Multiple PDF Files in Bulk!

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In this video, We will walk you through the simple yet efficient method of how to add bates numbering or bates stamp on multiple PDF files in batch! SysTools PDF Bates Numberer Software can generate bates number on multiple PDF file Pages in bulk. The tool helps in removing encryption from PDF files as well. Other features include adding bates number in different styles, Set Bates number types, Add Suffix or Prefix, the number of digits likely to be in Bates number, Set Bates Number Position, Option to add Dates, Generate PDF Bates number for file series, etc to name a few. There is an option to add more details like additional text, text Positioning, etc. Also, there is an option to set desirable font size and its color as well.

And Finally, a complete report of all the preferences and options you have selected will be displayed like: color, font size, Bates number position, etc. It also shows a status report of the selected PDF files with the preview of the listed PDF files as well. You can click the link provided below to know more about the software and purchase it from Our Official Website.

Time Stamp
Features : 0:45
Pre-Requisites : 1:12
Output : 5:57

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Steps to Insert Bates Stamp in PDF Files :
Step 1: Install & Run the software
Step 2: Add Desired PDF Files & Folders
Step 3: Fill desired bates number Format Details
Step 4: Successfully Added

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