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5 Top Crypto to Buy NOW in 2021 (Massive Potential!)

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In this video, I am going over 5 top crypto to buy now in late 2021. These are my best crypto picks! Open up a Wealthfront investment account today and get your first $5,000 managed for free:

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These are my current crypto coins to check out now in November 2021.
I'll go through what these 5 crypto coins are that I am bullish on, and go through the numbers, recent news, and predictions for the future.

I'm curious to know what crypto you guys are bullish on - comment them down below!

The crypto market is hot right now and I hope the uptrend continues! Crypto and blockchain are seriously cool technologies that really deserve the spotlight, and it has been very exciting riding the waves over the last few years. The coins on this list are all spectacular projects that have a lot of great uses or are icons in the crypto world. Holding them long term should be a good bet - however in the short term they can always go up or down significantly.

With any type of investing, I recommend you do your own due diligence before investing. Just because a coin was on this list does not mean you should blindly invest in it - that would be foolish. These are my opinions and you should create your own using this video as a reference guide only - this video should not be taken as financial advice.

I hope you enjoy this video and happy crypto trading!



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