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269 - Leveraging Women’s Innate Strengths for Your Business (with Dr. Marisa Porges)

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This week’s guest is Marisa Porges, PhD, the eighth head of school at the Baldwin School, a prestigious, all-girls school outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she and her staff of educators help young women become confident leaders and change makers. As a former flight officer in the US Navy, counterterrorism expert in Afghanistan, and senior advisor in the Obama White House, Dr. Porges shares what she has learned about women’s innate skills and how they can be applied in business to boost outcomes.

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Book: What Girls Need: How to Raise Bold, Courageous, and Resilient Women -

[5:00] What she learned in the White House
[5:50] Journey to the Baldwin School
[7:00] What are innate skills women have
[12:00] Talking to girls from an early age
[14:00] Helping young girls find their voice
[20:00] Using empathy as a leader
[25:15] Adaptability is the greatest skill
[29:40] Letting people fail
[32:50] Skills for the future workforce
[37:00] Routines that have helped
[39:20] What Dr. Porges would tell her younger self
[42:04] Action item

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